Sand Cloud

I’m so honored to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing brand for such a good cause! Check out to shop their stuff and if you find something you like, 10% of your purchase will go towards helping #savethefishies!


When I set out to shoot these self-portraits I had a specific location in mind – by the river of course! Little did I know I would discover a whole new area of the river that I’d never been to before. I love it so much and I will definitely be going back.


Leafling Bags

I always wanted to work with Leafling Bags, and when they finally reached out to me I was so excited! They sent me this gorgeous bag and I am so in love with it, I take it everywhere! Head over to to get your own!


I was so excited when I received my bag, but when I opened it up I was even more surprised! There were so many little hidden pockets that I wasn’t expecting, so I really tried to show those off in these images.